One Direction Preferences

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I write One Direction preferences. If you have any requests put them in my ask. i do DDM's, BSM's and normal preferences :)

Zayn(Age 15):
You did street dancing and you had a show this weekend. You were so nervous but your mum and your sisters were telling you that you would be fine, you just wished your brother was here. It came to Saturday and you were excited for the show you got ready and took your place on the stage to perform your routine. The crowd clapped and screamed convincing you that you did great, you looked up to your family and saw Zayn smiling at you and clapping.
After the show your family came backstage and hugged you, Zayn walked over and picked you up and spun you around
You: what are you doing here
Zayn: it was a surprise, you didn’t think I would miss this did you?
You laughed and hugged him again

Louis(Age 2):
You were sat on the sofa watching cartoons while Louis sat next to you on his phone, you couldn’t walk yet and he had been trying to teach you all day but eventually gave up. He saw you looking at your toys so placed you on the floor so you could play with them and you crawled over and did just that. Louis went upstairs for 15 minutes while your mum watched you, when he came back down he had a blanket for you to sleep in, since it was nap time and your mum was going to leave you with Louis for the night. He said bye and then walked into the kitchen what connected to the living room, he froze and slowly turned his head to see you walking around the room
Louis: OH MY GOSH!
He ran over and picked you up and tickled you while you giggled
Louis: I’m so proud of you babe well done darling!

Niall(Age 16):
You were graduating high school and you couldn’t be more happy to start your life out of the prison or school as some people called it. You were sat in the assembly at the front with all your classmates, all the parents in the seats facing you, you saw your mum, dad and brothers all smiling proudly at you. They called your name to come and get your certificate and you stood up and went to receive it when you heard Niall
you went bright red but got the certificate and sat back down and looked at Niall, he winked at you lightly laughing at how embarrassed you were. It was the end of the assembly so you went up to your family and hugged your mum, dad then Greg and finally Niall
Niall: I’m so fucking proud of you little sis, you make me a proud big brother everyday. I love ya (YN)

Liam(Age 22):
Like Liam you were a singer, him being very famous and you just singing in bars and your own small gigs. That is until fans of one direction found you and started to listen to you and eventually you got as famous as Liam, you and one direction were attending the same award show, since you and Liam hadn’t seen each other for about 6months you couldn’t wait. You got dressed and headed to the show, when you got off the red carpet and into the arena you noticed you were sat on the same table as your brothers band which made you even happier, you sat down and waited for them. When they came in Liam ran over to you and crushed you in a hug
Liam: I’ve missed you so much big sis
You: missed you too liam it’s been crazy busy these past few months
Liam: I know it sucks but were together now
He smiled at you and you sat down as the show started, your category was up next ‘Best Female’ and Justin bieber was announcing it, your name got called out meaning you won, Liam jumped up and hugged you
Liam: I’m so proud of you love, so so proud

Harry(Age 18):
You were a famous youtuber as you loved it always hanging out with people like dan and phil, zoella, Marcus etc. you had just got 2 million subscribers and you couldn’t be more happier, you were at home celebrating alone but you were retweeting and replying to a load of your viewers to pass the time when there was a knock at the door. You answered it and there stood harry with your favourite takeaway
You: harry?
He hugged you and walked into your house and into the kitchen
You: Thankyou bro you didn’t have too
Harry: I wanted to
He smiled at you and plated your food
Harry: you don’t know how proud of you I am, seriously this is such a achievement, couldn’t be anymore proud of my little sis well done love you deserve it
You hugged him tight and a few tears fell knowing how much it meant for your brother to say that to you
You: Thankyou harry I love you so much
Harry: love you too kiddo

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