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Niall(Age 12):
You woke up at 3am from wetness in your bed, you stood up and looked at the red patch. You knew what it was but you couldn’t go to your mum she had gone on a girls holiday you only option was your dad. You crept into his room and shook him awake.
Niall: what’s wrong love?
He opened his eyes to your worried expression and sat up
You: urmm well I kinda….I kinda got my urm period
His face softened knowing how awkward you felt
Niall: okay princess follow me
He lead you to the bathroom and showed you where your mum left her lady products
Niall: is it on your bed
You nodded your head still not making eye contact. He left you to do your business while he cleaned your bed, you came out the bathroom and he was there
Niall: come and sleep with ya dad tonight
You agreed and went into bed with him, he held you in his arms
Niall: goodnight my little princess

You had cramps all day, you found out that you got your period and were in a bad mood, you dad came in your bedroom to see you curled up in a ball under the covers
Zayn: babe what’s wrong?
He sat on the edge of your bed and rubbed your back
Zayn: (YN)? Please tell me what’s wrong
You: where’s mum?
Zayn: at work babe
You: I can’t tell you
Zayn: why not?
You turned around and and hugged him and started crying, you didn’t know why
You: I got my period
Zayn: aww it’s okay. Do you need anything? Food?
You: Ice cream
Zayn: okay put a movie in and I will get ice cream and we can watch it together

Louis(Age 11):
You were at Nialls house with the boys since all the wife’s had gone out for the day, you were sitting on the couch when you felt like you peed so you went to the toilet and found out that you got your period. You searched the bathroom for the products and you found one which you used. You went back down and sat where you were originally sat
Louis: you okay love? You took a while
You: I’m fine
Louis frowned at you as the boys started talking again. You whispered what happened in his ear and he nodded understanding
Louis: orite boys me and (YN) have got to go home
They all nodded and said bye. You got home after an awkward silence in the car and you laid on the couch and switched TV
Louis: your becoming a woman oh my god
You: daddddd!
He laughed and sat down on the floor in front of you
Louis: if you need anything let me know love
You: thanks dad love you
Louis: love you too sweetie

Harry(Age 12):
Your mum had gone away for a couple of nights to visit her parents. You were in your bedroom watching TV when you had cramps you rushed to the toilet and had a red spot on your pants. You knew what to do as your mum had told you so you did your business and came out of the bathroom, your dad was still up watching a movie so you thought you would join him even though your meant to be asleep. You went downstairs and into the room where he was
Harry: hey baby what you doing up
You: urm I kinda got my period and I don’t feel good
Harry: aw love come here, do you want me to baby you
You nodded because you loved your dad babying you sometimes, you walked over to him and he lifted you up onto his lap like a little kid, you laid your head on his chest and started to drift off to sleep listening to your dads heartbeat

Liam(Age 13):
You had just gotten your period and it was 2am, to say you were mad is a understatement. You went into your dads room since your mum had left for a couple of nights to her friends. You climbed in hoping that he wouldn’t wake up but your plan failed
Liam: hey pumpkin what you doing
You: don’t feel good
Liam: what’s up
You: period
Liam: no way, it can’t be your too young
You: no I’m not its normal dad
Liam: oh, well stop growing up on me
You went over and cuddled into his side
You: love you dad night
Liam: love you more baby girl goodnight

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