One Direction Preferences

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I write One Direction preferences. If you have any requests put them in my ask. i do DDM's, BSM's and normal preferences :)

Louis(Age 10)
You were in your room sleeping, it was 11pm. You were having a bad dream which woke you up and you were now scared, in your room alone so you decided to go into your brothers room when you heard him talking. You knocked lightly on the door
Louis: come in
You walked in tears now on your face, you stood still at the doorway
Louis: babe what’s wrong?
He came over to you and kneeled in front of you
You: I had a bad dream
He frowned but picked you up in his arms and walked back over to his bed where his laptop was
Louis: okay my sisters here now she had a bad dream so she’s staying with me
You nuzzled your face into his shoulder to calm down, happy your were in your brothers arms listening to him talk. You fell back asleep listening to his voice

Zayn(Age 13):
You walked into your brothers room and sat on his bed next to him, he was on his laptop so now was the perfect time to ask him the question
You: zaynnnnnn?
Zayn: yesssssss?
You: can we do a twitcam please?
He laughed at you but agreed to do one, he got it set up and tweeted the link. You both answered questions what the fans asked and you were loving it
Zayn: yes she is beautiful isn’t she
He pulled you into a side hug and smiled, he loved it when the fans called you beautiful because he knew it made you more confident about yourself. You answered more questions eventually you and Zayn got a bit bored
Zayn: so were gonna go now Seya guys
He clicked it off and hugged you
Zayn: we should do this more often

Niall(Age 17):
You were going round to nialls house for a sleepover, you and him did this a lot, you loved it as you got to spend time with him and he loved it as well as he got to see his little sister a lot. You knocked on the door and Niall answered it
Niall: hey princess
He hugged you and you put your bags down on his floor
Niall: just doing a twitcam at the moment is that alright?
You: course it is
Niall: come join
He pulled up and chair next to his as sat down, you decided you would and sat on the chair
Niall: my sisters here everyone! We’re having a sleepover so I won’t be on here much longer
You: stay on as long as you want Ni haha
Niall: no I wanna spend time with you
He smiled at you and you both burst out laughing and you always did when you were together no one understood it but you both did which made you relationship more special. You looked at the comments ‘what are you laughing at?’ Was posted a lot and you just smiled at the close bond you and Niall have

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