One Direction Preferences

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Louis(Age 3):
Your brother had taken you shopping, you loved shopping and getting new things. You had seen a teddy that you wanted and you were telling Louis that you want it
You: Lou I want teddy
Louis: not today sweetie you have enough teddies
You: but I want!
You were getting on his nerves as you were being rude so he picked you up and took you out of the store, you started crying
Louis: (YN) stop. We’re going home.
He put you back in the car and took you back to his and put you on your bed
Louis: you’re in timeout for a while
He walked out and you calmed down, you wanted to be with your brother
You: Lou Lou
He came upstairs and into your room
Louis: calmed down
You nodded so he came and picked you up and hugged you
Louis: I love you baby girl

Liam(Age 6):
You were playing with your teddies on the floor while Liam watched TV in the same room. It was 7pm and Liam decided it was time to go to bed
Liam: (YN) time for bed now babe
You: no!
Liam: yes come on
You: NO
You didn’t want to go to bed and you were getting mad at him. You stood up and through a toy at him as he kept telling you that you needed to go to bed.
Liam: (YN) you don’t throw things, timeout it is
He lifted you and put you on the step
Liam: stay there till I come back
He left for 15 minutes and he came back to you
You: I sorry LiLi
Liam: it’s okay babe but not again okay?
You: okay but I wanna stay with you
He nodded and picked you up and sat back on the couch with you and laid you on his chest
Liam: sleep here love

Zayn(Age 4):
You: mine
Lux: no mine
You two had been arguing over a toy you got it off her eventually and lux started crying
Zayn: lux what happened?
She pointed to you with the you in your hand
Zayn: your toy?
She nodded and Zayn came over to you
Zayn: (YN) I think that’s lux’s toy give it back
You: no
Zayn shook his head and grabbed the you off you and gave it back to lux, you started throwing a tantrum so he picked you up and put you in his bunk
Zayn: stay there until you have calmed down and your in a better mood. You stopped crying and realised it was wrong that you did that to lux, Zayn came back and picked you up
You: I sorry zaynie
Zayn: it’s okay baby now lets go back to lux

Niall(Age 8):
You shouted your brother as you came down the stairs, as he saw you he put a finger to his mouth indicating you to be quiet as he was on the phone. You sat down at the table and waite, it was about 5 minutes later when you became impatient so you got up and tugged on his leg
You: Niall
He ignored you so you did it again
Niall:(on phone) alright I’m gonna have to go bye
Niall: (YN) that was rude
You: but Niall I’m hungry
Niall: go to your room and think about how rude you just were
You nodded your head weakly and started to softly cry while going to your room. 15 minutes later there was a soft knock on your door and Niall came in
Niall: hey love I made you a pizza
You: I’m sorry Niall
Niall: it’s okay i should of made you something love you princess

Harry(Age 5):
You love playing on Harry’s phone so you didn’t think anything of it when you took it and played games. Harry came into your room
Harry: there it is (YN) why did you take my phone
You: I wanted to play games
Harry: you can’t just take it, you need to ask me next time. Stay in here for 10 minutes to think about what you did
You did that while harry went downstairs. He came back up 10 minutes and sat on the edge of your bed
Harry: you okay?
You: I’m sorry haz
You started to tear up
Harry: aw babe it’s okay come here
You crawled into his lap and he cuddled with you

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