One Direction Preferences

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I write One Direction preferences. If you have any requests put them in my ask. i do DDM's, BSM's and normal preferences :)

Zayn(Age 13):
Zayn: I’m gonna find you, you can’t hide from me
You and your brother were playing hide and seek, you had chose the best place to hide. It’s been 15 minutes and he’s still looking, you are the master of hide and seek. He walked into the room you were in so you tried to be quiet but you saw his face and you let out a little giggle but quickly stopped when he turned to where you are
Zayn: haha got you now sis
He opened the cupboard door and dragged you out putting you over in shoulder and running downstairs. You were laughing all the way and he put you on the sofa tickling you until you couldn’t breathe
he stopped while you both stopped laughing
Zayn: haha love you sis!
You: love you too zaynie

Liam(Age 15):
Liam: (YN)!!!!!!! WHERE IS IT?
Liam shouted while coming over to your room, you had his laptop and you had broken yours. You didn’t want to tell him so you just went on his thinking he wouldn’t mind, he came into your room
Liam: oh there it is I knew you would have it
You: sorry Li I didn’t think you would mind
Liam: I don’t just let me know next time, wait where’s your laptop
You hesitated, you really didn’t want him to know but you knew you had to tell him so you did, he looked a little mad but then he smirked
You: what?
Liam: naughty (YN)
You got confused but then you knew what he meant he wrestled you on your bed an started tickling you
Liam: NOPE
you couldn’t get out of his grasp, you were laughing so hard you were crying. He eventually stopped and collapsed next to you while you both calmed down
Liam: we will go buy you a new laptop tomorrow but look after it okay?
You: yeh okay
He kissed your cheek and exited your bedroom as you still tried to recover from the tickle fight

Niall(Age 16):
You had such a bad day at school nothing went right and you found out you failed maths. You got in your house and you heard the TV on, your mum and dad were at work so you thought it must have been your brother. He walked through into the kitchen as he heard you come through the door and you instantly went into his arms
Niall: ye alright?
You shook your head, if you spoke the tears would fall. Niall pulled back and knelt to your height
Niall: babe what’s up?
You told him the story of your day through your tears. You calmed down but Niall had other ideas, he started to tickle you
Niall: I won’t stop till your happy again
He continued while your laughter got louder
he stopped and you caught your breath. He pulled you into a hug and lifted you up
Niall: just cuddle with your brother now everything’s alright
You put your head on his shoulder while he sat down with you on his lap, you fell asleep knowing you were safe in your brothers arms

Louis(Age 18):
You were on your period and you felt horrible, you were currently sat in front of the TV watching a crap reality show. Your brother walked in your flat what you both shared, he had been at the studio all day. He always knew when you were on your period you made it pretty obvious, he came into the room and sat next to you
Louis: hey sis
You: hi
Louis turned to you, immediately knowing what was wrong
Louis: is someone moody?
You: get lost
Louis: that’s a yes, cheer up sis
You didn’t answer so he started to tickle you
You tried to stay mad but you ended up bursting into laughter
Louis: YEY you happy
He stopped and brought you into his lap
You: Lou I’m 18 
Louis: I don’t care your
still my little sis

Harry(Age 17):
You were asleep since you were really tired, you looked at the clock when you woke it was 8am so you went back to sleep only to be woken a while later when your brother harry jumped on your bed
You: urgh what do you want
Harry: well good morning to you sleepyhead
You tried to ignore him and go back to sleep
Harry: wake uppppp
You: go away harry
Harry: nah I’m good here
Your brother loved to annoy you especially in the morning as he knows your not a morning person. He decided to wake you up that he would tickle you
He carried on laughing along with you
He stopped and smiled at you
Harry: okay can we go eat now?
You: if we have to
Harry: eh it could wait I guess
He laid down next to you
Harry: I’m sorry go back to sleep if you want I’ll be here when you wake up

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