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Liam(Age 3, his POV):

I was sitting in the garden while my daughter was playing, i heard a cry come from her so i rushed over

Liam: babe what happened? are you okay?

You: i fall

Liam: aww come here

i picked her up and put her on my hip and i saw the scratch on her knee so i took her inside and put her on the kitchen counter. i got it cleaned up and put a plaster over it

Liam: all better?

You: yes daddy, i love you

Liam: i love you too sweetie i will always protect you

Harry(Age 16, his POV): 

i was on my laptop while the tv played in the background. My wife had gone on a little holiday and left me to take care of (YN). She was at her boyfriends at the moment and no i didn’t really agree but she’s growing up i have to accept it. i heard the front door slam and footsteps go upstairs, wondering what had gone on i went up and knocked on (YN)’s door

You: WHAT?

Harry: woah calm down love, can i come in?

She didn’t answer so i went in there anyway, i found her crying into her pillow. I sat next to her on the bed and rubbed her back

Harry: what happened?

She told me how her boyfriend confessed to cheating on her the whole time and broke up with her, this got me so angry.

Harry: I’m gonna kill him

You: don’t dad please

Harry: I’m sorry love, you know i care about you a lot, i know your hurt but it will get better soon i promise

You: i love you dad

Harry: i love you more love.

Niall(Age 10, His POV): 

i heard crying so i ran into the garden where my daughter was on the trampoline holding her arm, i went over 

Niall: does you arm hurt princess?

she nodded so i examined it, knowing she had broken it. I took her to the car and went to the hospital, they sorted it out for her and they sent us home. We got home and she still had tears running down her face so i bent down to her level

Niall: c’mon babe shall we watch a movie

You: toy story?

Niall: of course lets go

i got some popcorn ready and put the dvd in and sat on the sofa next to (YN). She cuddled up to me which made me happy

Niall: i love you princess

Zayn(Age 17, his POV):

i was sitting in the kitchen with the boys working on things for the songs and stuff when my daughter walked through the door she avoided me and tried hiding her face, i noticed this so i grabbed her and arm and pulled her to face me, she had a black eye and a couple of cuts on her face

Zayn: what in the world happened?

she didn’t want to look at me or answer me

Zayn: (YN) what happened, tell me now!

You: i got into a fight

Zayn: why?

You: because they were saying things about me and I’m not gonna stand for it

I couldn’t be mad at her she was hurt but she did it for a good reason

Zayn: did you win?

she looked up with a smile on her face

You: yep

Zayn: haha thats my girl

she hugged me and i pulled her close to me 

Zayn: come on love lets get you cleaned up 

Louis(Age 6, His POV):

You: daddy!

My 6 year old daughter came running to me crying, i was sat on the sofa so i picked her up and put her on my lap

Louis: whats wrong babe?

You: i hurt my arm

she pointed to her elbow where there was a little bruise 

Louis: aw, want me to kiss it better?

She nodded so i kissed her elbow

Louis: is it better now?

You: yeh

she kissed my cheek and cuddled into my chest

You: daddy?

Louis: yes?

You: your the best

a smile grew on my face and i kissed her head

Louis: i love you babe

this was a request so i hope you like it! Put a request in my ask and i will put it on the list! 

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