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Well these 5 boys ruined my life.
I do one direction preferences. If you have any requests put them in my ask. i do DDM's, BSM's and the normal preferences :)
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Niall in denim

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To all the people giving Ben shit about the music video. Remember he doesn’t have much to work with. There’s only so much you can make 5 guys do whilst singing about a love song.

Remember everyone kicked up a stink about them having girls in the music video and now we haven’t seen a girl since 2011.

No one is ever happy .

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Niall alphabeta ~ A for arse

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highlights of the you and i video: 

  • niall in tight pants
  • niall with a fringe
  • niall starting the song
  • niall with a balloon 
  • niall seductively looking at camera
  • niall 
  • niall
  • niall

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look at the way he walks #%$^^#$#&!

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the real question is why did harry do that awkward lil jog for like three seconds

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this little idiot is so happy about himself while everyone’s ignoring him

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We have to beat the vevo record for all harry went through that day


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  • *Niall turns into Liam*
  • Me: Wait what...